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Get the vaccine

Yes, I got the COVID-19 vaccine — the Johnson & Johnson one-shot deal. No side effects whatsoever. For months leading up to that day, I ... Read more

Buice column: Yum: Steak on a Stone, fries in a sandwich

Ever heard of eating a steak on a stone? Or how about french fries in the middle of a sandwich? Well, on my recent excursion ... Read more

Editorial: Even one of Davie’s best ‘Afros’ didn’t impress the coach 

He could hit a baseball farther and harder than anyone else on our Little League baseball team. I called him Hank Aaron. Not knowing at ... Read more

Hogwash to cancel culture, political correctness 

As I get older, my arms are getting shorter. My walk, once straight, elegant and determined — is now choppy and awkward. My speech is ... Read more

Editorial: Big Brother watching our every move

Yes, Big Brother is watching us. Almost every move we make. I’m talking about cameras, and our reliance on them may be going a bit ... Read more

Buice column: A history lesson that will live on

When I signed up along with a group of fellow explorers to walk in the footsteps of the pioneers as part of the Shallow Ford ... Read more

Next step for achieving equity — dismantle high-poverty public schools

By the Coalition for Equity In Public Education The School Choice application season for children starting kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County ... Read more

The Resurrection

On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. ... Read more

Letters to the editor — April 1

Domestic violence is too common Domestic violence is a huge issue in our world, as seen by the recent murder of Paula Marie Booth on ... Read more

Editorial: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day again in Davie 

I’m celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year the same place I celebrated last year — at O’Callahan’s Publick House in Downtown Mocksville. I was there ... Read more

Barnhardt column: Spring is the favorite season for a reason 

Ahhh. Spring is just around the corner. Literally. As we enjoy the warm weather this week, our minds wander. Fresh, warm air. Light breezes, bringing ... Read more

Buice column: Will we ever be able to hug and shake hands again?

In some ways, it seems like it was only yesterday, but then again, it feels like it was a long time ago. A year, in ... Read more

Tim Istock column: Pass the peas, please … right on by!

By Tim Istock For the Clemmons Courier I’m not exactly sure when I officially became a picky eater, but I strongly suspect I was born ... Read more

Editorial: Joys of freedom slowly returning 

Walking through the grocery store on Saturday morning, my big head got in the way. One of those little straps that held my face mask ... Read more

Editorial: The Supremes — part of early music education

There weren’t a lot of frills to the house my family grew up in off Oak Grove Church Road near Mocksville. It was an old ... Read more

Letter to the editor — Feb. 25

The morals of a nation Something is happening in America that is un-American. We are being told to shut up. Social media platforms run by ... Read more

Counties once again looking to operate in the dark

By Philip M. Lucey Like a bad penny, legislation to hide public notices from the public is back in N.C. General Assembly. House members have ... Read more

Buice column: The early days of the Clemmons library

When Mary Cameron moved to Clemmons in 1984, she recalls having a hard time locating the local library. “I found out it was in where ... Read more

Editorial: Keep public notices in newspapers 

Rep. Harry Warren just doesn’t get it. When he personally resumed Republican legislators’ crusade against local newspapers and the public’s right to know last week, ... Read more

Letter to the editor — Feb. 4

Bohannon joins school board The WSFCS Board of Education has had to make some difficult decisions lately; and, they have plenty more to come. But, ... Read more

Scannelli column: College financial assistance opportunities

By Sandi Scannelli For the Clemmons Courier Parents, grandparents and students. You likely know that now is the season to apply for college financial assistance — ... Read more

Editorial: Hank Aaron lived his life with dignity 

I was there for No. 709. I had been to a few games prior to this one, so I may have seen Hammerin’ Hank Aaron ... Read more

Editorial — Dr. King proof that words matter 

Words do matter. What you say matters. And today, as much as any time in our country’s recent history, the words of the Rev. Dr. ... Read more

Letters to the editor — Jan. 14

Arrest those who stormed Capitol Building I, just like most Americans, am appalled at what happened in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6. The individual perpetrators ... Read more

Google’s monopoly isn’t a game for newspapers

This editorial column is being made available to members of America’s Newspapers for reprint. It is no secret that Google has secured a near monopoly ... Read more

Editorial — Vaccine rollout creeping 

The way things are going, it may be in March, but I’ve decided to get the COVID vaccine when my turn rolls around. Don’t get ... Read more

Jim Buice column: Another weighty issue entering new year

A new start. A new year. Welcome, 2021! And good riddance to 2020, a year unlike any we’ve ever experienced… While it was comforting to ... Read more

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