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Letters to the editor — Oct. 21

Michelle Barson has worked tirelessly for Clemmons Recently, there were notes in large plastic bags with rocks holding them down, placed on my and my ... Read more

Letters to the editor — Oct. 14

Cameron brings experience, wealth of knowledge Clemmons will have an election on Nov. 2, and we will be voting for mayor and council. It gives ... Read more

Stormwater pollution and yard waste in Clemmons

By Shannon Ford For the Clemmons Courier It’s fall in the Village of Clemmons, which means lots of raking is happening. The Village Public Works ... Read more

Jeff Zenger column: Fatherlessness

By Jeff Zenger We are living in an unprecedented time in American history. Never before have we had so many social issues or ills. From ... Read more

Editorial: Remembering those dusty dirt roads

My early years were spent growing up off of a dirt road. The year was 1957, and my family had just moved from the big ... Read more

Buice column: Tanglewood gets welcome reprieve

By Jim Buice For the Clemmons Courier Well, so much for the 50,000-square-foot agricultural multi-use event center proposed to be built at Tanglewood Park. It ... Read more

Editorial: Behind every successful man is a ….

Kudos to Betty West, the Cana and Pino community correspondent for the Enterprise Record who writes about goings on in her neighborhood and at Wesley ... Read more

Editorial: Chug-a-lug at 5 mph behind an … 

It’s a silly song, really. Like most singer/songwriters, it definitely wasn’t considered among his best — not by him or many others. I’m the son ... Read more

Editorial: Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001?

Do you remember where you were on Sept. 11, 2001? Chances are you do (if you are old enough to harbor such memories). And chances ... Read more

Letter to the editor for the week of Sept. 9

Curbing gun violence Several days have passed since the Winston-Salem and Forsyth County community lost William Miller Jr. to senseless gun violence while receiving his ... Read more

Letter to the editor — Sept. 2

Mask mandate needed I am getting more and more angry over the failure of the Clemmons Village Council to protect us with an indoor masking ... Read more

Buice column: Farmers Market has lots of stories

There’s lots to like about the Clemmons Farmers Market. I remember walking through all the booths while visiting the market at the Jerry Long Family ... Read more

Editorial: MerleFest lineup still impressive

If you’ve never been to MerleFest, this should be your year. If you’ve been before, well, chances are you are either planning to attend this ... Read more

Letter to the editor — Aug. 26

Freedom and baseball I would like to respond to Mr. Barnhardt’s last two articles. First, why do you and other like-minded folks confuse the freedom ... Read more

Editorial: Superintendent makes right mask decision

Just wear the mask. Davie County Schools’ Superintendent Jeff Wallace has been taking a lot of heat recently when he decided that students should wear ... Read more

Editorial: Are freedom and science headed for a collision?

Should we be wearing masks to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Or maybe the better question is: Should we be required to wear ... Read more

Buice column: Clemmons residents let their feelings known

When the Clemmons Village Council got word about the possibility of a 50,000-square-foot agricultural multi-use event center coming to Tanglewood Park, the council immediately formed ... Read more

Editorial: Keep politics out of sports, entertainment

I’ve enjoyed watching the sports television coverage of Hank Aaron’s accomplishments. There were specials all weekend on the Atlanta Braves’ network. I’ll not go into ... Read more

Tim Istock column: The poop on elephants 

By Tim Istock So recently, I asked our adorable 3½-year-old neighbor what she enjoyed most about her previous days trip to the zoo. “Zebras and ... Read more

Editorial: Summer time, and the livin’ is not-so easy 

Summer time, and the livin’ is easy. At one point in my life, I may have believed that. The heat and humidity this area gets ... Read more

Editorial: Rude hospital patients and stupid commercials

Being in a hospital bed for days is, to say the least, boring. Boring may not be the right word for being in a hospital. ... Read more

Buice column: Residential development: Is it a losing proposition?

Like many others in Clemmons, Allen Daniel wasn’t real happy when he heard that the village was considering raising the tax rate from 11.5 cents ... Read more

Editorial: Golf is fun playing with right people 

I once loved to play golf. Two or three times a week, sometimes more, I would hit the links just to knock a little ball ... Read more

Editorial: Fire service changing in rural areas 

You work third shift, and you’ve put in a long, hard night at work. You get home, ready to relax, but the kids are just ... Read more

Buice column: RiverRun’s drive-in closing a hit

After enjoying quite a few films during the RiverRun International Film Festival in 2019, I looked forward to even more last year. But then along ... Read more

Editorial: Remember Greenwood? I didn’t 

I’ve heard and seen enough about the Tulsa race riot of 1921. If I had heard of it before this year, it didn’t make a ... Read more

Editorial: Remembering military heroes

It was an early morning in August of 1945. The United States, with the help of Davie County hero, the late Tom Ferebee, had just ... Read more

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